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End the confusion,

Understand your health.

The MO Medical Network is a network designed to help you understand your health through the use of catered content and resources. Stop the confusion caused by inaccessible healthcare information; the MO Medical Network helps you take your health into your hands.

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Improving the ER Experience

MO’s In Hospital interface is designed to aid patients through their ER experience. MO acts as a companion and trusted resource in the stressful and confusing ER experience, allowing for an ever-present clinician’s aid without hindering the clinician flow and priority.

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A catered experience with the MO AI

MO is a healthcare companion designed to explain health concepts based off the user’s health literacy level. MO caters content based off user’s needs and aids them through their healthcare plan and healing process.

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MO’s at-home app is designed to work with patients as they continue their treatment plans at home. MO-bile offers easy-to-understand treatment plans and medicine explanations as well as catered activities and relevant articles to improve the patient’s health understanding and health literacy.

Aid doesn't end in the hospital


REMDI is a health-focused design group creating a new approach to patient education and patient facing technology. REMDI strives for inclusive design that focuses on patient needs and utilizing patient’s existing knowledge to build a better future.

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