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The MO Medical Network
Hagar Baruch

The MO Medical Network

Meet MO

MO is a healthcare assistant designed to aid patients while in the hospital by answering questions, maintaining relaxation, and cooperating with staff to ensure the best patient experience.

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No health question left unanswered

MO is available to answer questions, provide updated information regarding patient charts and lab results, and provide entertainment throughout the long waits.

You had me at “Hello MO”.

MO is a voice assistant that responds to patient’s questions, requests, and needs starting from a simple “Hello, MO”. MO interacts either verbally or through text based on patient needs and utilizes the use of text and visuals for better explanations. With its conversational AI, MO is built to understand a variety of questions and respond in a friendly manner that would help develop a feeling of trust between patient and MO.


Patient satisfaction at its finest

With the MO In-Hospital entertainment system, patients can view shows, read articles, and play health-related games to make the long hospital waits fly by.  

Health when you need it.

MO doesn't only answer patient questions but also ensures patient comfort and safety. If a patient needs help, MO can contact a nurse or staff member, keeping patients safe and helping end preventable situations.

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